1. Why consider FIREPLAN for Evacuation plan design?
Often Fire Protection Agencies or Companies need a reliable way to get this kind of work done that saves their resources to focus on their core business. We have a responsibility to our clients to produce highest quality of work, in a cost effective & time efficient manner, upholding our code of ethics.
2. What is the Price and delivery time for the Evacuation Map?
You can visit “Price & Services” page, as per the sectors 2D as well as 3D maps we have elaborated pricing & we will deliver Evacuation Map from 48 to 72 hours.
3. What does the price include?
The price includes the digital delivery of evacuation maps as per the sectors your property is following in, the digital format is .pdf .
4. Which Evacuation Map is better, 2D or 3D?
3D maps are more useful rather than 2D maps because they provide more representation (such as colours and shapes) and thus a better resemblance of real world objects.2D maps help people navigate but may not be sufficient to plan optimal especially emergency routes. A better approach for identifying evacuation routes is to use 3D maps.
5. What is your work experience?
We have civil engineering firm since 2014 & the only Government approved Fire Evacuation Plan Service provider in India. We have designed over thousands of Evacuation map since 2014, for Government sector, Hotels, School, Healthcare, Manufacturing and commercial sector. Please do visit our Project References
6. What is required for ordering Evacuation Plan?
You need to have floorplan drawing’s soft/hard copy or in any image format which is clear and marking of fire safety equipment’s, Room name, assembly point& you are here positions, Upload marked floor plan by using order now, that’s it and rest we will do. Check this link How to mark fire safety devices
7. How you deal with correction on Evacuation plan?
Your data is secured at our end for one year, so if you want a correction just mark it on plan & send it us with order number specified in email subject, we will update & deliver it to you.
8. What are the charges for correction in Evacuation plan?
Its absolutely free, we have a straight forward prices & no hidden charges, so that our clients can estimate billing easily.
9. I have a project including a Football ground, what will be the costing?
For the sports sector you need to send plans of Football ground to us, we will check the drawings & estimate the pricing by email.
10. I am a known Fire Agency in UK, Can we have M.O.U.?
Certainly, we already have M.O.U.’s with various companies.
11. How to Order Evacuation map to FIREPLAN?
If floor plans of your facility are available in electronic file format (.PDF, .JPG) Upload Marked floor plan by using order now, fill our Order Form, upload files or If floor plans of your facility are available on paper, umamisf scan the floor plan or take photo straight from the top & with flat paper, by using order now, fill our Order Form, upload files.
12. What are the types of Asset Plans?
There are many types of Fire Asset plan and it depends on purpose of the safety of property and employee. Asset plans help to regular testing, service and maintenance of all fire equipment.